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Turbocharger Replacement Newark, NJ
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Manufacturer: Garrett

Turbocharger Replacement Newark, NJ

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Offering the following turbocharger manufactures:  Borg Warner, Garrett, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi

All turbochargers will eventually fail, wear out, or become damaged in some manner during use. At Tri-State Turbo, we offer a full line of new and reman replacement turbochargers for Automotive, Generators, Tractors, Fork Lifts, Trucks and Marine applications. If you have a turbocharger that requires replacement we have a large inventory and exchange service.

In addition we offer in-house turbocharger rebuild services, all turbochargers are thoroughly examined and customers are provided with a complete diagnoses to insure the new turbocharger does not fail again.

Turbo Rebuild Cost = $379.00,   Base Labor cost.

  • Complete tear-down and inspection - turbos we receive are identified, marked, and dis-assembled to component level. Each part is thouroghly inspected for wear and/or damage, and any cause of failure is identified so that it can be corrected prior to re-installation.
  • Cleaning and Media blasting - Turbine and compressor housings, bearing housing, and turbine wheel are stripped and refinished. If your housings are specially coated, we clean them with solvents to avoid damage to the coating. The bearing housing is refinished, flushed with solvent and precision honed before being cleaned, and the turbine shaft is polished to a mirror finish.
  • Component Blueprinting - Journal bearing bores are honed and sized to ensure proper for oil clearance. All parts and components are checked and verified against manufacturers specifications to ensure they are within limits.
  • Component Assembly - Turbo is reassembled with new journal and thrust bearings, o-rings, piston rings, fasteners, thrust collars, and seal plates.
  • High Speed Balancing - All rotating components, aka: "the stack" are double plane balanced as individual parts prior to assembly. After the Center Housing Rotating Assembly is assembled the CHRA is Vibration Sorted (VSR) to less than 1.5G at 100,000RPM. Each turbocharger is tested in a real-time as if it were on the engine, our simulator allows for zero error and 100% customer satisfaction.



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